Nov 07, 2016

Three ways to use AWS services from a Lambda in a VPC Jan 22, 2020 Lambda VPC | Lumigo A VPC-enabled function would lose internet access because its ENI is only associated with a private IP address from the subnet. If your function needs to talk to other AWS services that are outside the VPC, such as DynamoDB or SNS, then it needs to have internet access.

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VPC security best practices and how to implement them in AWS Jun 11, 2020 AWS: aws_vpc - Terraform by HashiCorp

Nov 15, 2017

Virtual private cloud (VPC) — A virtual network dedicated to your AWS account. Subnet — A range of IP addresses in your VPC.. Route table — A set of rules, called routes, that are used to determine where network traffic is directed.. Internet gateway — A gateway that you attach to your VPC to enable communication between resources in your VPC and the internet.