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Feb 18, 2019 HTML Notes - EazyNotes HTML Basics : 1. Lesson 1 - Create a Home Page: PDF: 2. Lesson 2 - Format Pages and Text: PDF: 3. Lesson 3 - Create Links to New Pages: PDF: 4. Lesson 4 - Create E-mail and External Links: PDF: 5. Lesson 5 - Insert and Align Graphics: PDF: 6. Lesson 6 - Create a Basic Navigation System: PDF: 7. Lesson 7 - Change Page and Link Colors: PDF What is HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)? Mar 06, 2020

Oct 25, 2007

Oct 25, 2007 · notes in html must start with if you are doing notes in javascript embedded within html, you may use two forward-slashes like this: //, followed by the comments. if you are using comments within the css in html, you may use: /* and end with */ Release the mouse button whenever you want to stop marking, and press it again to restart your note taking. Click the Save Web Note button on the toolbar. An Add To dialog box appears. Click either Favorites or Reading List at the top, and then click the Add button. Click the Exit button on the Web Notes toolbar. Programming Web Pages with JavaScript. Until recently, Web-site design was limited by the constraints of HTML and CGI. JavaScript is an easy-to-use language, developed by Netscape, which can be embedded in HTML pages to make them more interactive and dynamic.

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