How to Clear Cache and Browsing History in Chrome

The program offers many wiping feature for your choice, here we need to clear Chrome browser history. Click on "Internet Cleanup" from the bottom left side panel to see all the browsers you are using. Check "Google Chrome" and select "Browsing History" to clear browsing data only from Google Chrome. How To Clear Chrome Browser History/Cache on iPhone and Jun 29, 2020 How to delete browsing history on Chrome | Guide for

Browsing history can be cleared per-site by cleverly using the search option in the Chrome history page. Alternately, you can use a 3rd party extension like Enhanced History from the Chrome Web Store. Clear Browsing History for a particular site in Google Chrome. Open Chrome browser history page Ctrl + H and do a search for the site from the

I can't delete browsing history in google chrome [Solved Mar 22, 2020

Clearing browsing history helps protect your privacy by preventing others from taking a look at your browsing history. As mentioned above, Google’s Chrome Browser provides easy access to all your browsing history and allows you to clear All or selected portions of your browsing history.

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