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File Sharers: See If the Recording Industry Is After You. Share It Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Copy link. San Francisco - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) today offered important resources to those wondering whether the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) Some legal experts and ethicists say the music industry's enforcement of copyright law against Internet file sharers may eventually catalyze a similar change in attitudes. 'Hurt Locker' sharers: Expect docs like this (photos) See a subpoena, settlement letter, and other documents involving the law firm that's suing file sharers on behalf of the makers of such films This decision dealt a major blow to attempts by the CRIA to crack down on file sharers. 2005: BMG Canada Inc. v. John Doe - Appeal. In 2005, the controversial ruling of Justice Konrad von Finckenstein, making file uploading of sound recordings on peer-to-peer systems legal, was set aside by the Federal Court of Appeal.

86. When the music companies filed suit against the peer-to-peer file sharers on copyrighted music, they wanted legal and equitable remedies. Which of the following is an equitable remedy?

The RIAA vs. File Sharers | News | North Bay Bohemian Sep 25, 2003 U.K. may cut Web access to file-sharers | Hollywood Reporter Aug 25, 2009

Critics accused the RIAA of resorting to heavy-handed tactics likely to alienate millions of Internet file-sharers. "This latest effort really indicates the recording industry has lost touch

Oct 14, 2004 EU Court Says File Sharers Don't Have To Be Named - Slashdot Stony Stevenson writes "European Union countries can refuse to disclose names of file sharers on the Internet in civil cases, the EU's top court said. The European Court of Justice has ruled on a dispute between Spanish music rights holders association Promusicae and Spain's top telecoms operator Te Band Claims File Sharers 'Are Going To Hell' | Techdirt Sep 27, 2010 File-sharers are content industry’s “largest customers When file-sharers were surveyed about what a "reasonable" price would be for an album, a movie, and a video game, the answers were surprising. A full 75 percent of file-sharers thought €8 was