Aug 20, 2019 · I decided to start learning lua, make scripts for fivem and here’s my first script: Simple script with 3 commands, /onduty which gives weapons 🔫 and armour 🛡 (by default 100% armour and a nightstick, flashlight, combat pistol with flashlight, pump shotgun with flashlight, stungun and carbine rifle with grip, flashlight and scope) to the ped. /co (stands for 🚓 community officer

Simple Machines Forum - SMF in short - is a free, professional grade software package that allows you to set up your own online community within minutes. Its powerful custom made template engine puts you in full control of the lay-out of your message board and with our unique SSI - or Server Side Includes - function you can let your forum and An Internet forum, or message board, is an online discussion site. It is the modern equivalent of a traditional bulletin board, and a technological evolution of the dial-up bulletin board system. From a technological standpoint, forums or boards are web applications managing user-generated content. People participating in an Internet forum can build bonds with each other and interest groups Dismiss Join GitHub today. GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Apr 09, 2020 · Unity Forum. Forums > Unity Community Discussion > Scripting > Forums. Quick Links. i need a simple script where you press the space bar to jump. Thats all! - Colin Now your simple forum is ready and you can use it to post messages. Congratulations. Below is also a complete code so it will be easier for you to copy it to your php script:

Hello i made a simple script that reply’s with /unrack : [USER] unracked his carbine rifle from there cruiser /rack : [USER] racks his carbine rifle in there cruiser its simple but pretty usefull for cops. they dont have to do /me unracks m4 from cruiser I hope you guys enjoy it, I will add screenshots later (if i dont forget)
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For the discussion of unproduced scripts posted on Only admin can start threads, only discussion board members can reply to threads. If you'd like your script showcased here, go to I Wrote A Script. Under the categories are sub-forums. The topics (commonly called threads) come under the lowest level of sub-forums and these are the places under which members can start their discussions or posts. This is a simple program that will teach you on how to create a simple forum site using web programming tools like PHP, MySql and many others. need a good PHP forum script ; Open file Dialog in ; very simple login script (checking 2 variables before writing cookie) Previous/next script PHP not working ; 2 duplicate javascriptsscripts on 1 webpage? A simple question in php ; PHP Script not running ; Newbie needs script to accept credit card ; PHP Forum Help Mar 03, 2013 · My first couple of years as a system and DB administrator were really painful. My tasks kept piling up, I kept losing my head, and just when I was about to quit, I stumbled upon the Microsoft Script Center. I made use of a couple of simple scripts I found there, and for the first time I felt I was in control.

Over on the Unproduced Scripts page are the eighteen short scripts from this months Writers’ Tournament. This weeks theme was “ Money is the Root of All Evil .” These are short, 6 page scripts written by the best writers on SimplyScripts and nearly all of them have had multiple scripts produced.

MyBB is the free and open source forum software powering thousands of engaging, vibrant, and unique communities across the internet. Download PHP Forum without MySQL Database for free. phpFK - PHP Board Script without MySQL phpFK - PHP Board Script without MySQL is programmed a free board in Php, without My SQL, which on each server or Webspace is installed in well 3 minutes. Optimally for beginners by the simple installation, but all professional functions and options the one board contains to have must. Aug 18, 2015 · Please read the individual descriptions and reviews of each forum for the specific feature set of that forum. Note that if you do not specifically require your forum to be an ASP script, you will have a wider selection of forum scripts to choose from by looking at the Free PHP Forum Scripts and Free Perl Message Board Scripts as well. Oct 03, 2017 · ElkArte is an open source forum software based originally on Simple Machines Forum (also listed on this page). It adds modern features to the original software such as "likes" for posts and topics, drafts, OpenID 2.0 support, responsive design themes that also work on smartphones, drag and drop file attachments, built-in support to block link Apr 22, 2011 · Thanks, I am hoping to add a tool to let users submit scripts and I am updating weekly. The main reason I created this tool is because I had been using 3greeneggs Auto Script and wanted more out of it, 1 year passed and with my scripting knowledge I created this tool. I am hoping to team up with others and use their tools within my project. This is the recommended way for implementing a forum on your site- by obtaining a forum script, and installing and serving it yourself. is an example of that. The basic criteria to setting up your own forum is simple- ability to run server side scripts such as PHP, ASP, Perl etc on your server. For approved quick bar scripts and related discussion. Questions & Requests. Threads 162 Messages 2.4K. Threads 162 Messages Forum software by XenForo