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Jun 09, 2016 Fortinet Knowledge Base - View Document Protocol: UDP 2nd client session info in the FortiGate: Source IP: , Source port: 500 NAT cannot be performed on IPsec packets in ESP tunnel mode because the packets do not contain a port number. As a result, the packets cannot be demultiplexed. To work around this, the FortiGate unit provides a way to protect IPsec packet headers SipTunnel SipTunnel is client-server application used to tunnel SIP and RTP datagrams over single TCP channel. How it works. Softphone should be configured to connect to SipTunnel client instead of SIP-server. SIP and RTP packets from softphone are send normally, over UDP, to SipTunnel client. For softphone it looks like normal SIP server. Which VPN protocol is the best? - ProtonVPN Blog

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UDP traffic through SSH tunnel - Super User This small guide tells you how to send UDP traffic via SSH using tools that come standard (ssh,nc,mkfifo) with most UNIX-like operating systems.. Performing UDP tunneling through an SSH connection. Step by step Open a TCP forward port with your SSH connection. On your local machine (local), connect to the distant machine (server) by SSH, with the additional -L option so that SSH with TCP port

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There are ways to forward UDP packets over TCP, and in principle these should be able to work over stunnel. There are also other programs that do this natively, and could be used standalone or via stunnel, such as Zebedee. If you have any success tunneling UDP over stunnel, please contact the faq maintainer so we can write up a good HOWTO for udp_tunnel.h source code [linux/include/net/udp_tunnel.h /* -- List of parsable UDP tunnel types --93 * 94 * Adding to this list will result in serious debate. The main issue is: 95 * that this list is essentially a list of workarounds for either poorly: 96 * designed tunnels, or poorly designed device offloads. 97 * 98