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I have a SRX system that is behind a NAT gateway. I am trying to initiate a VPN from this SRX to my SSG320 which is directly on the internet. I first tried to bring up the VPN in main mode with nat-traversal set on the SSG. I managed to get Phase-1 to come up in this configuration, however phase Site to Site VPN configuration behind NAT | Fortinet Mar 19, 2019 L2TP registry change to work with NAT-T not working on I've managed to make my two windows 10 (64bit pro) installations connect to l2tp behind nat, using the mentioned registry key with value 2. I went into regedit, changed the key to 1, rebooted, changed the key back to 2, rebooted and now I can use VPN via l2tp again.

vpn - strongSwan setup where both sides are behind NAT

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NOTE: NAT traversal feature in SonicWall is a global settings, changing this settings will affect all Global VPN and site to site VPN policies, also note that enabling this feature will not have impact on normal VPN working even though IPSEC gateways are not behind NAT device but disabling this feature will have impact the VPN policies where

vpn - strongSwan setup where both sides are behind NAT I'm trying to setup a strongSwan server in my home and connect to it from another network. Let's say sun is the VPN server and venus is the client. Both sun and venus are behind NAT networks.sun is not the gateway of my home networks. However, ports 4500, 500 … Is NAT supported within an IPSec VPN connection? Jan 30, 2019 How To: Ubiquiti Unifi Site to Site VPN behind Nat Feb 22, 2019 VPN behind NAT Router/Firewall - Windows Server - Spiceworks