Newly unveiled National Security Agency programs detail how the US government has the ability to monitor approximately 75 percent of American internet traffic, and further discloses how telecommunications companies are compelled to provide such data.

LAUSANNE, Switzerland—William Binney, creator of some of the computer code used by the National Security Agency to snoop on Internet traffic around the world, delivered an unusual message here Report: NSA Can Access 75 Percent of All U.S. Internet Traffic Aug 21, 2013 Project Eavesdrop: An Experiment At Monitoring My Home Jun 10, 2014 Scholars warn of NSA loopholes - The Boston Globe

Should the NSA be able to grab your Internet communications so it can search them for keywords (called “task selectors” in the jargon if the NSA)? A Maryland district court judge predictably dismissed the Wikimedia case early on, saying the plaintiffs couldn’t prove the NSA is seizing all Internet traffic.

AT&T collaborates on NSA spying through a web of secretive

The National Security Agency’s surveillance and the USA

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