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‘Screenagers’ Documentary Examines Impact of Screens and Feb 04, 2016 privacy film rabbitgoo Window Privacy Film, Rainbow Window Clings, 3D Decorative Window Vinyl, Stained Glass Window Decals, Static Cling Window Sticker Non-Adhesive, 17.7 x 78.7 Do Not Track (documentary) - Wikipedia Do Not Track (French: Traque interdite) is a 2015 online interactive documentary series about internet privacy, conceived and directed by Brett Gaylor. The series, which combines short videos and interactive elements, seeks to educate people about who may be tracking them online and the amount of private information that may be extrapolated from their Internet activities.

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N.Y.C. Hired 3,000 Workers for Contact Tracing. It’s Off to a Slow Start. The program is crucial to the next phase of reopening, which begins on Monday. On internet privacy, be very afraid - Harvard Law Today

Jul 11, 2013

The internet has thrown a broad net of connection over the entire planet, but as people grow closer, our privacy recedes. The most telling evidence of this was perhaps the global surveillance scandal uncovered by Edward Snowden in 2013. 13 documentaries on Netflix that will make you smarter Sen. Corey Booker of New Jersey in "13th". Screenshot via Netflix What it's about: At the end of the Civil War in 1865, the 13th amendment officially abolished slavery — but there was a catch. Apple donates profits from John Lewis documentary to 1 day ago · Apple donates profits from John Lewis documentary to museums. The company will give the money made from the rentable film to the National Civil Rights Museum and …